Air conditioning

We spend big part of our lives between four walls. Why not to make it the most comfortable it can be? Enough fresh air and healthy climate is fundamental. And high-quality air conditioning will help you with that.

Correctly designed device will take care of regular exchange of air from office interior, apartments, houses or industrial halls. It humifies the air, cools and heats. If needed it can be modified, cleaned and recuperated.

Complete air exchange security

From very simple devices (ventilator or small recuperation unit) to complicated systems into industrial objects. We take care of air conditioning pipelines, regulation device for automatic operation, heat pumps for using waste heat and other elements needed. High-quality project documentation is fundamental for us. Crucial is also payback period of the investment and operation itself which meets the requirements of the investor and current norms.


Air conditioning is widely spread not only in industrial halls, commercial and office objects, but more and more frequently it is used with air conditioners and air purifiers in homes. Recuperation is also an integral part of so-called passive houses where it apart from other things prevents the formation of fungi and multiplication of bacteria and significantly contributes to healthy condition of people with allergies or asthma.


Our realizations and solutions of air conditioning for homes and firms.

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