Waste heat

Energy saving is not necessarily a matter of tightened belts and reduced consumption. Use existing resources more efficiently. Waste heat is ecological and cheap energy.


Technological buildings produce a large amount of unused waste heat, which is transferred to their surroundings. In the better case, it is passive cooling (heat is dissipated into air or water). However, there are relatively numerous situations where chillers are used on one side of the industrial complex for active cooling of technological water or air-conditioning through air-conditioning and on the other side it is heated by gas boilers (administrative part of the building).

Do not let the heat fly through the chimney. We offer a smart solution that delivers the greatest energy benefits and economic return, while minimizing the burden on nature. Each project is solved individually. It depends on many factors. The amount of heat, the medium carrying it (air, water, etc.), the period in the year when heat is available, the technological need of the building and the price of individual commodities (gas, electricity).

We will be happy to evaluate your current status for free. Then we will take care of a thorough audit and create a scheme of modifications of existing or new technology, including the final quotation.


Utilization of waste heat within the company premises, Zlín – Heat pump IVT Greenline D43, water-water system. Water is used to cool the data centre (server room) with a temperature gradient of 18/13 (that is, the inlet water to the body at 18 ° C and the outlet water at 13 ° C). The pump has a power output of 60 kW at this temperature gradient and serves as the primary source of heating water and domestic hot water for the entire Silo facility. Only when the pump capacity is insufficient, does the chillers on the roof of the building cool down.

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